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Welcome to Sumikko Mart ようこそ!

About Us

Where "Sumikkomart's" name comes from?

Sumikko Mart is coming from the Japanese characters Sumikko Gurashi (すみっコぐらし)! The name briefly translates to “life in the corner”. Sumikko Gurashi are living at different corners that makes them feel safe, relaxed and peaceful!

Sumikkomart was opened in July 2020. We wish “Sumikkomart” becomes your corner shop which provides you relax, safe, and enjoyable shopping experiences! That’s where our name comes from!

To provide better and convenient shopping experiences to our valuable customers, we moved to online in June 2022. We believed our carefully selected Japanese products would bring people happiness and energy, that's why we are here!

Hope you enjoy shopping with us!

Sumikko Mart