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Higashimaru Zosui Crab Flavour Rice Porridge Seasoning, 18g, 2 Bags


With this box of rice porridge seasoning, you can easily make Zosui at home. Zosui is a Japanese rice soup made from pre-cooked rice. 

1. Add in 250ml water and boil

2. After water boil, add in 100g (around one little bowl) cooked rice (can be left over rice from last night)

3. Add in 1 bag of Zosui rice seasoning and boil for 1 min. You can feel free to add in any vegetables or ingredients you like.


(Dried garnish) crab meat, carrot, green onion, vitamin e, pullulan (soup powder), crab extract, bonito extract, dextrin, salt, hydrogenated protein, soysaue powder, fish extract, vinegar powder, kelp extract, spices bonito extract, lactose, seasoning, flavor.