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House Hokkaido Cream Stew Roux Blocks Japan, 180g


With this box of Japan No.1 Cream Stew Roux Blocks, everyone can easily make delicious Japanese milk stew at home. They are made from 100% fresh cream from Hokkaido and natural cheese. 

Directions of use:

1. Add oil & ginger & onion stir fry
2. Add ingredient of your choice (meat, vegetables, seafood) and stir fry 
3. Add 250ml Water to boil
4. Add 300ml milk
5. Add 1/2 Cream Roux to boil until the ingredients are soften


Food fat (beet fat, lard, palm oil), wheat flour, milk powder, sugar, salt, starch, creaming powder, natural cheese, fresh cream, onion powder, sweetened condense milk powder, maltose, pork extract, yeast extract, spices, dextrin, onion paste, fresh cream powder, canola oil, chicken extract, sweet corn, butter, garlic power, monosodium glutamate, soy lecithin, flavor, vitamin E, vitamin C, citric acid, turmeric color, spices extract.