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Kubota Chicchana Daifuku Mochi Small Rice Cake, 137g


Kubota Chicchana Daifuku Mochi Small Rice Cake, 137g is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Daifuku is a traditional Japanese sweets enjoyed by people of all ages. They are known as Mochi or rice cake. You can now enjoy this traditional food at home with this bag of assorted mini Daifuku. Each Daifuku is in bite-size and is individually packaged. There are three types: Sakura Mochi in pink, Kusa Mochi in green and Original Mochi in white. Each fluffy Mochi is filled with red bean paste and wrapped by a soft layer of marshmallow. They are perfect to be served with a cup of hot tea. Just delicious.


Maltose, sugar, glutinous rice powder, red bean paste, starch syrup, starch, mugwort, gelatin, salt pickled cherry leaves (alum, vitamin C), trehalose, emulsifier, colouring (120). May contain gelain, egg.