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Kracie Popin' Cookin' DIY Monster Candy Kit, 30g


Kracie Popin' Cookin' series are popular among both children and adults! It's been so much fun and precious to be together and make some DIY candies together. 

This DIY candy kit has everything you need. Every parts are important tools, please ready carefully the picture instructions on the packaging and don't throw them. 

This box of candy kit act just like clay, which you are able to shape different lovely monster shape and decorate for their funny faces. They are all eatable and delicious.

ATTENTION: This DIY Kit request micro-wave. 


Sugar, starch, plant oil, dextrin, powdered egg white, dairy products, lactose, salt, gelatinous, processed starch, calcium, carbonate, baking powder, emulsifier, sodium, caselnate, flavor, pullulan, color, glycerine, sorbitol, contains egg, milk, gelatinous, squid, soybean.