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Kasugai Roasted Mix Nuts Crackers, 57g


This bag contains various flavour of crackers in ball shape, it includes wasabi peas, rice crackers and salted nuts. They are in salty flavours and very crunchy. It's perfect to serve with cold beer or hot tea. For every occasions such as snack, road trip, movie time. 


Peanut, wheat flour, sugar, starch (corn starch, wheat starch), green peas, broad bean, vegetable oil, rice flour, starch syrup. squid, salt, sesame seed, soy sauce, wheat flour, soybean water, laver, seasoning powder, hydrolysed yeast protein, glucose, dextrin, bonito flakes extract, red peppers, fermentation seasoning (rice, alcohol), bonito flakes seasoning (bonito, alcohol), hydrolysed yeast protein, baking powder, modified starch, seasoning (monosodium I-glutamate disodium 5'ribonucleotide), hydrolysed soy protein, emulsifier, colouring, artificial flavour.