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S&B Golden Curry Hot, 198g


Thanks to S&B Foods, they invented instant curry roux in block form in 1956, everyone can easily make Curry at home now. According to the research of “16 recommended popularity rankings of curry roux 2021” of “my-best.com” of Japan, Golden Curry from S&B ranked number one and becomes the most propular Curry Roux in Japan. Golden Curry contains 35 kinds of spices and herbs, and all of them are equally blended together to create a harmonious taste and aroma. 


Wheat flour, palm oil, rapeseed oil, mixed fat, sugar, salt, curry flour, starch, yeast extract, spices, roasted spices (spices, corn oil), protein hydrolysate (gelatin), herb oil, sauce powder/ seasoning (amino acid etc), caramel pigment, acidulant. Contains wheat, soybean gelatin.