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Senjakuame Lemonade Soft Drink Candy, 75g


If you want something exciting, this bag of candies are perfect for you. There are four special types of Lemonade candy balls per pack, one is dusted with a cool fizzy powder both outside and inside which give you a double coldness spreads in your mouth, one contains fizzy powder for centre and the whole candy, its a candy with a fun and refreshing texture, one is the candy with lemonade at the centre and with colourful flavoured bits and powder in it give you a taste of sourness. The final one is the surprise candy made from lemonade and cola which is super refreshing. All the candy balls are individually wrapped. They make your mouth water and feel likes drinking lemonade.


Sugar, corn syrup, elyslitol, glucose, creaming powder (sugar, skimmed milk powder, dextrin), concentrated lemon juice, lactose, powdered sugar, gelatin, acidity, regulator (330, 325), sweetener (967), raising agent (500i), flavor, modified starch (1412), colouring. May contain egg and wheat.